Cost Control

Identify savings opportunities and provide ongoing support to ensure your savings are maximized year after year.


In-depth 1-on-1 consultation and analysis to better understand your needs.


Customized solution for your unique needs. Highly customizable plans make it easy to build a plan that is right for you.

Right Fit

Semi-annual analysis to ensure your current insurance solution is producing optimum results.

Introducing The Empowered Advantage™

The Empowered Advantage™ makes it easier to buy and manage your insurance solutions. Who else likes long-term solutions?

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About Us

Alkali’s unique process, The Empowered Advantage™, helps businesses and individuals more effectively buy and manage their insurance.

Our Vision: Transform the industry one client at a time until our presence is so significant that the industry is forced to follow us to compete.

Our Mission: Honor God by serving well, providing value, and transforming the industry through The Empowered Advantage™.

Our Benefits

  • Multi-carrier quote with multiple funding options
  • Hands-on proactive service
  • Value based pricing
  • Responsive and dedicated Consultants and Client Service Specialists
  • Explanation of coverage and costs
  • The Empowered Advantage™