3 Tips to Help Make Your Small Benefits Team More Efficient


If you work in the Human Resources department (or are a 1-person HR department) at a small- to mid-sized company, chances are you’re understaffed. However, you’re still expected to work as efficiently (and as quickly) as a fully staffed department. Below are 3 tips that will help your small benefits team be more efficient.

1. Use interns or temporary hires.

Some projects may require your expertise and attention, while other projects may not. For the projects that don’t, bring in interns, part-time, seasonal, or temporary help that will free you up to focus on the items that really do need your attention.

2. Create FAQ guides to answer common benefit questions.

Let’s face it, answering the same questions over and over again isn’t the best use of your time. Creating frequently asked question (FAQ) guides that you can provide to the company will cut down on the time you spend answering these questions. You can make the FAQ guides available online if you have a company intranet or portal for your employees.

Also, if you’re an Alkali Benefactor Card™ holder, remember that we’re here to help answer your employees’ questions as well 😊.

3. Switch to paperless.

If most of your employees work on a computer, but you’re still printing materials, perhaps you’re spending money on items you don’t really need. Instead, print less (maybe only for those without steady internet access or the less tech-savvy) and rely on digital channels such as email, intranet, or employee portals.

For example, do your employees really need printed copies of the summary of benefits for each benefit that you offer? Try making a smaller benefit booklet that includes the basics, and making additional information available digitally.

Bonus time saver: Ask interns or temps to create and distribute the digital copies!

Looking for more ideas on how to make your small benefits team scrappier? Check out this free e-book from Jellyvision.

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