Culture Corner: Super Bowl Party Ideas for the Office

Super Bowl is right around the corner! Whether you’re a Patriots or Eagles fan – or a football fan at all – Super Bowl parties are a lot of fun! For employers, the Super Bowl is a great opportunity to break up the work week monotony and celebrate the awesome company that you are!

Start the party off right by asking your team to wear their favorite team’s jersey or t-shirt!

Alkali team in jerseys

Super Bowl Lunch

As we all know, any good Super Bowl party starts with great food. Whether you decide to have an office potluck or order in, you can’t go wrong.

Looking for a quick and easy lunch option? Stick with the football theme and have Jersey Mike’s deliver sandwiches for the team! Once the sandwiches are delivered, huddle around the field (A.K.A. the conference room table), and devour the delicious sandwiches while getting to know your teammates a little better.

Download a Jersey Mike’s order form to make it easy for your team to build their sandwiches. Then call your local Jersey’s Mikes to place the order.

Alkali team eating Jersey Mike's

Paper Football Field Goal Flick

We’ve probably all played this game in one form or another when we were kids. However, the stakes are higher this time (see Office Lombardi Trophy section below)!

Have team members sit on the opposite side of a table from each other. One person makes the field goal posts with their hands (thumb tips touching with index fingers parallel and pointing straight up). The other person holds the football between their thumb and index finger, aims towards the goal posts, and uses the other hand to flick the football (see template below). The team with the most field goals wins!

Download a paper football template to make your own paper footballs!

End-Zone Touchdown Dance-Off

Turn up the music and allow team members to show off their mad dance skills for a 5 second dance off! All is fair in dance and war.

Download a dance off score card to keep track of who has the best moves.

Office Lombardi Trophy

The Office Super Bowl, just like the real Super Bowl, comes with a real prize: The Office Lombardi Trophy!

All you need is:

  • 1 tall, narrow rectangular vase
  • 1 football (can be foam or plastic)
  • 1 can of silver spray paint
  • Super glue or a hot glue gun

Simply turn the vase upside down, glue the football at an angle, and spray paint the whole thing silver! For a special touch, add a plaque with the name of the winner(s), the date of the championship, and your company logo.

And of course, along with the trophy, the winner(s) gets bragging rights!


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