Summer Heat Can Be Tough on Commercial Fleets

Commercial Fleet

North Texas summers are hot – plain and simple. Even with the few days of less than 100° temperatures we have enjoyed, the summer heat wreaks havoc on automobiles and trucks. The last thing you want is to miss deadlines and appointments because you have a team member stranded due to heat-related issues.

The primary issue caused by high temperatures is a strained cooling system. Exacerbating that issue is continuing to drive the vehicle once a problem arises, which can lead to a blown engine and expensive repairs.

Tips to keep any vehicle well maintained during the summer months:

  1. Keep tires properly inflated and balanced– this will improve gas mileage and minimize the chance of a blowout.
  2. Get the vehicles in for regular maintenance – high temperatures impact everything from hoses and belts to the transmission. Schedule every vehicle for a solid maintenance check-up.
  3. Get the oil changed – this seems like a simple thing, but the vehicles will perform better and the mechanics will have an opportunity to uncover other potential problems.

These are very straightforward tips, but I know from personal experience that these tips will pay off. Typically, we purchase used cars and have been getting an average of 10 plus years and 180,000 miles before we sell with relatively low service issues. Our secret is regular vehicle maintenance.

Getting More Mileage from Your Fleet

Good fleet maintenance will not only get your team through the hot weather without incident, but will lengthen the life of the fleet, thereby saving your company money in the long run. This requires finding the best mechanic to provide maintenance – one that is invested in keeping the fleet running smoothly and going the extra mile to double-check for potential problems.

The same mentality applies to commercial insurance. With the right insurance team on your side, you can still find the best policy at the best rate. For example, at Alkali we use The Quantitative Success Formula™, a step in The Empowered Advantage™ process, where our consultants shop and negotiate our client’s rates and coverage every year. Plus, our consultants are not paid more for an increased premium. We believe this is the best way to ensure you have the best rate available in the market. Just like a good mechanic, we look for the best option for our clients.

Your agent should also be educated on your fleet needs. For example, there are fleet and non-fleet rates. Fleet rates simply standardize liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage costs so you don’t have a different rate for each vehicle of the same type. However, the number of vehicles and the industry determine if you actually have a fleet.

Commercial automobile insurance is impacted by the same types of events as personal. Better loss history equals better rates or lower / no rate increases. And of course, driver history and behavior are also a major factor.

Keeping cool during the hottest month of the summer means planning ahead and ensuring your fleet is well maintained. The best laid plans will include a team to assist you with your commercial automobile needs, so find that good mechanic and commercial insurance agent to ensure things keep rolling.

You can have more control and receive more value than you think.

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