“The Slacker Mandate”

Keep your “adult child” on your health plan, even if they are married.

A key provision of the new Healthcare Reform law has changed the way health insurance companies are treating high school and college graduates (as well as drops outs).

Under the new law, health insurance plans must allow “adult children” to stay on their parents plan up to their 26th birthday.  Even if:

  • They are married (that’s right we said married)
  • Are no longer in school
  • Are no longer living with their parents
  • Are no longer claimed as a dependent by their parents

Even though the health insurance company is required to provide this new expanded coverage under the law, your “adult child” may lose his or her eligibility if:

  • They get a job and become eligible for health benefits
  • They marry someone who has a job where they are eligible for health benefits

Please note that under the new law the coverage is extended only to the “adult child” and not to their spouse or your grandchild.

PS.  We are just kidding about the “Slacker Mandate”; we understand that everyone’s situation is unique, but giving it a catchy name and having fun with the new law helps reinforce it into your memory and helps with our sanity

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