When Was the Last Time You Were Empowered by Your Insurance Provider?

Empowered Advantage The Empowered Advantage™

When you think about insuring your business, your home, your family, your employees – what image comes to mind? Is it one of yet another task that has to be completed – almost a necessary evil? Or do you think of your insurance provider as a trusted advisor and partner who wants to help you succeed by making sure you don’t have to learn the “inside baseball” of the insurance business just to have the right policies?

Unfortunately, I realize in our industry that too often the relationship between provider and insured is not always the most positive. In fact, that is one of the primary reasons my wife and I started this company – to change the way insurance is done.

Our desire to change the face of the insurance industry led us to ask what it was that our clients wanted to see done differently, and then face those challenges head on so that anyone who chooses to work with Alkali can feel empowered. This is what happened…

We Asked – You Answered

When I asked our most successful clients and other professional advisors, such as CPAs, financial advisors and attorneys, what it was that frustrated, annoyed, scared or confused them about the insurance experience, the answers came through loud and clear, and they were not positive.

There were so many frustrations and areas of mistrust of my industry! I knew we had to do something to make it better. It took months of systematically addressing each of the concerns so that we knew we had a process that put our clients in the center. Something that was different from other insurance agencies. A methodology that was repeatable, reputable and refined. It was the birth of The Empowered Advantage™, a system created to maximize the insurance buying and delivery process based on your exact needs.

Because we recognize that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach that works, we developed The Empowered Advantage™ process for each major segment of our focus, and developed steps that are appropriate for that group. These are:

  • Employee Benefits and Administration – An 8-Step Process that ensures your organization can select and maintain the right benefits based on company goals and employee needs while maintaining compliance.
  • Commercial Insurance and Services –A 7-Step Process to ensure you have the right commercial insurance coverage for your circumstances, your projects and to meet your business objectives.
  • Individual Health, Auto and Property –A 5-Step Process that goes beyond the basic to understanding the right type of coverage for you and your family.

Each process was carefully crafted based on the feedback we received from our clients and trusted advisors to ensure that the process our clients undergo specifically meets their needs. To provide you with insights on the processes, we will begin by explaining The Empowered Advantage™ created for Benefits and Administration.

Make Employee Benefits Truly Work for You and Your Team

The Empowered Advantage™ is a unique process that helps emerging and middle market employers eliminate complexities that distract them from their core business and maximize their results . This process is comprised of eight steps that create a single solution for all your employee benefits and human resources insurance needs. The steps are:

  1. The Success Lab – we start with a discovery session to outline your existing progress and link a benefits strategy to your vision. This goes beyond basic surveys and into a true understanding of the types of benefits your employees’ value. Additionally you will learn if your benefits are competitive in the marketplace and the contributions in line with your competition so you can feel secure your talent acquisition and retention strategy is supported by your benefits. This first critical step ensures we all are clear on how to benchmark forward progress.
  2. The Quantitative Success Formula™ – this step is all about transparency. We compensate our employees differently to ensure our clients receive the best policies for their specific needs. Therefore, you see everything – all our homework, all the quotes, and our final recommendation.  Now you can understand why we make a recommendation, alleviating any concerns you may have that you are getting the best value for your circumstance.
  3. The Partnership Accelerator™ – it’s tough to switch your insurance providers, and getting benefits in place can be difficult enough without changing. That is why we included this step. We take care of as much paperwork as possible, leaving you free to focus on your business. Additionally, we provide education to your employees so they understand exactly how benefits work, so there are fewer questions. For example, they will understand why generic drugs are preferred over name brand, and why the coverage works the way it does.
  4. The Internal Process Optimizer™ – by giving you everything you need to administer your plan, we empower our clients via internal workflows and audits that ensure you avoid pitfalls. This includes everything from monitoring the hiring and termination process to maximize benefit changes to ensuring compliance is met.
  5. The Result Monitor™ – this proactive approach keeps our clients in-the-know on plan performance, eliminating last-minute decision making and surprise rate hikes. We meet mid-year so we can proactively plan future changes. After all, your business changes, so why wait to make plans to change when the focus should be on shopping and negotiations? Furthermore, we present our results to you so you understand how we partner with our clients to make a positive impact.
  6. The Worry Eliminator™ – changes in healthcare regulations are imminent, so to keep you in touch with all these changes, we created an alert system that provides up-to-date changes, categorizes the level of importance, and provides actionable information. No more guessing. Now you get important information conveniently delivered to your email account.
  7. The Leveraged Force Solution™ – these processes keep you focused on the most important thing – running your business. We track and measure every escalation we receive to ensure you get your answer. This solution is applied based on the client need and can scale from basic call center support to acting as part of your human resources department.
  8. The Success Optimizer™ – we proactively evaluate existing strategies and services to ensure they stay aligned with the ever-changing nature of your business. Now we make sure that those strategies are still in place and that your business and policies are still in alignment. We make sure that we optimize benefits in place, and if changes are necessary to scale up or down, then we make those adjustments as well.

Through these proven steps, The Empowered Advantage™ takes a holistic approach to aligning benefits, insurance and human resources functions to your strategic business goals, all with the convenience of outsourcing to a trusted employee benefits provider – one that took the time to understand the challenges of the insurance industry and to address those challenges with the client as the focal point.

If you would like more information on how The Empowered Advantage™ can improve your current employee benefits program, please contact us. We are more than happy to walk you through the advantages you will receive with this unique process.

You can have more control and receive more value than you think.

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