The Empowered Advantage™ is a proven series of steps and tools that create an empowering structure to help you overcome the many expected and unexpected challenges of purchasing insurance and outsourcing non-strategic human resource functions with confidence and ease.

Our unique process helps emerging and middle market employers eliminate complexities that distract them from their core business and maximize their results in 3 specific areas:

Employee Benefits: The benefits landscape is constantly changing. Compliance, complexity, and costs are all on the rise and have to be balanced with employee interests and the bottom line. You need an active partner and solution to help you take back control.

Human Resource Outsourcing: PEOs, ASOs, payroll providers, and compliance solutions. They have a place, but which solution, or combination or solutions, is right for you? Put our expertise to the work to cut the complexity and get it right the first time.

Commercial Insurance: You have enough on your plate. You need a solution that keeps you properly insured and you need an active partner who stewards your resources like their own.