Outcome Engenuity

(formerly Outcome Engineering)


I am writing to express a long overdue thank you to the Alkali Team for the expertise and services provided to Outcome Engineering over the past several years.

Health insurance is complex and it’s expensive. After two years researching health insurance and speaking with multiple brokers across the DFW Metroplex (with two of whom we already had a business/insurance relationship), Outcome Engineering chose Alkali as our employee benefits consultant/broker. Having already done a significant amount of research, including asking employees to complete more than one health insurance census to obtain quotes, our decision came down to value (or return, both tangible and intangible, on our investment) and to with whom we most wanted to build a long-term relationship.

From the beginning, I was impressed with Alkali. From Steve Neuner’s expertise and credentials, to his endorsement by Dave Ramsey, to the outstanding level of support I’ve experienced from every staff member I’ve encountered, to your seemingly inexhaustible patience with my many questions, I cannot think of a time where my questions weren’t thoroughly answered or my coverage concerns addressed. More than once, Steve or one of the Alkali team has picked up the phone to contact the insurance company directly on our behalf to get a definitive answer to an employee’s question or concern!

Now in our third year of offering a comprehensive benefits plan for our growing small business (we’ve nearly doubled in size during this period), my esteem for Steve and this very capable team have also grown. From Steve’s annual review of our employee insurance offering to ensure we have the best plan at the best price available to meet our benefits goals, to the availability of Alkali to answer not only my questions but all of our employee’s questions as well, and finally, to Alkali’s proactive response to health insurance reform, I am always confident that Steve is an expert I can trust. I am pleased that my research led me to Alkali; I am even happied to consider Alkali a partner in Outcome Engineering’s continued success

Dawne Marx

Floss Dental

Prior to our affiliation with Alkali, we had a traditional Co-Pay benefit plan for our two dental offices. The plan was functional but it provided no incentive for our employees to be good healthcare consumers. Since we’re in the medical field, we knew we needed to raise the bar.

Alkali took the time to truly understand our business, not only from a benefits standpoint, but from a strategic perspective. They helped us create a customized benefits plan that not only accomplished our short term goals but aligned with our long term strategic ones as well.

With Alkali’s guidance we successfully implemented a Health Savings Account (HSA) plan that rewards our employees for utilizing medical services more wisely and through Alkali’s Partnership AcceleratorTM program our employees are not only better educated healthcare consumers, they are true partners in managing the company’s cost.

The net result if implementing our new benefits plan has been lower premiums, minimal annual increases, and a more robust benefits plan overall; this winning combination has allowed us to further enhance our status as an employer of choice and reinvest the bottom-line savings into our company’s growth as we continue to open new locations.

The service we have received with Alkali has been highly personalized to our company’s needs and the team’s execution has been exceptional not only in the mundane, but in the highly technical. And through Alkali’s Worry Eliminator system, we have been kept up to date on healthcare reform and other regulatory reform that impacts our plan.

It’s readily apparent that Steven Neuner is committed to Floss’ success and that his approach is that of a long-term business partner and trusted advisor. We value our relationship with Steven and the rest of the Alkali team and look forward to our continued success together!

Clint Herzog, DDS

The Fitz Group

We have worked with Alkali since 2004. Prior to our affiliation, our broker gave us very few options and our annual increases were escalating. Since moving to Alkali, our largest increase has been 17%…which Alkali negotiated to 11% using their unique processes. Each year, Alkali educated our employers about Health Savings Accounts and other ways to make wise, proactive, healthcare choices. It’s obvious that Alkali has our best interest at heart.

Alex Fitzgerald

POEMC Development Services, Inc

My experience working with you and your team on getting the best fit, quality, and value for our company’s insurance providers is a testament to your professionalism. Your team is always responsive and quick to provide information with the expertise that enables us to make the best decision. As a business owner, I always look for such detail and professionalism. I look forward to working with you and your team in the future and would recommend you to my friends, business associates and clients.

John Porter

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