Our Founder and CEO, Steven Neuner, is a science nerd at heart. In fact, for a period of time, he was studying to become a dentist! Although he ultimately chose a different career path, Steven’s time spent studying science had a profound impact on him and altered the trajectory of his life.

Remember the Periodic Table of Elements from that chemistry class you took years ago? Chances are, you probably had to memorize the elements in order to pass your class.

On the far left side of the periodic table are the Alkali metals. These metals have one free-floating outer electron that they donate to non-metals to help them become more stable and secure. Through this unique bonding process, called the Ionic Bond, one of the strongest bonds in chemistry is formed.

Alkali is the free-floating outer electron in this metaphor – We freely donate our time to help our clients become more stable and secure, forming strong bonds that last a lifetime.